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It can be difficult to determine General Liability vs Professional Liability  as a business owner.  The best plans will vary depending on the dangers your business confronts.

Both large and small firms have liability issues, but depending on what you do, the nature of the exposure may alter. For instance, a contractor can be held accountable for injuries caused by something they built, or a consulting firm might be held accountable for a client’s financial losses if they provided incorrect advice.

A lawsuit may result from one of these kinds of liabilities. General liability insurance and professional liability insurance are useful in this situation. 

How General Liability Differs From Professional Liability

The types of risks that each form of responsibility covers are the main distinction between general liability and professional liability. Physical hazards such as physical harm and property damage are covered by general liability. Professional liability insurance protects against more speculative risks like mistakes and omissions in the work your company does. 

General Liability Insurance Definition and Risks Covered

General liability insurance helps cover:

Bodily Injury Claims: such as when a customer is hurt while working for you. However, the injuries to your employees are not included under this. Their work-related illnesses or injuries may be covered by your workers’ compensation insurance. 

 Medical claims: if someone gets injured on your business property.

Property Damage:  Your company or employees cause property harm. 

Reputational harm: if you are sued for unfair prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, privacy infringement, and other claims.

Who Should Take Out General Liability Insurance?

For the majority of small business owners, general liability insurance is a good choice because it helps shield you from hazards you may encounter in numerous typical workplace scenarios. We have included this coverage as a regular component of our Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) because it is so crucial. 

How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of your general liability insurance often relies on a number of variables, including:

  • The nature of your firm, as certain industries, like construction, have higher risks and hence demand higher premiums.
  • Years of experience, as more established companies typically pay lower rates than less established ones.
  • Your location, particularly if you live in a region where calamities like storms or floods provide a greater chance of causing harm.

Get a general liability quotation to find out more about the insurance costs that apply to your company.


Professional Liability Insurance Definition and Risks Covered

If a client sues you for financial loss resulting from the professional service you provided, professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, can assist safeguard your company.

The costs of a company’s legal defence may be covered by professional liability insurance:

  • In the event that a bookkeeper commits a costly administrative error on behalf of their customer.
  • If a web developer makes an error on a client’s e-commerce website, losing out on sales.
  • If an accountant submits a client’s tax return incorrectly, incurring a penalty charge.

For whom Should Professional Liability Insurance Be Obtained?

Certain firms may need professional liability insurance, according to several states. For instance, healthcare professionals must have professional liability insurance that covers medical negligence.

If your clients demand it when you sign a contract, you might need to obtain small company professional liability insurance coverage. Whether or whether you are legally obligated to obtain professional liability insurance, it is important to secure the security you require, especially if you engage with clients or consumers.

  • Accountants or tax preparers
  • Consultants or other professions
  • Home inspectors
  • Technology professionals

How Much Does Professional Liability Insurance Cost?

Different mistakes can be made by businesses. Because of this, the price of professional liability insurance differs from business to business. You should consider the following broad factors when calculating your professional liability costs:

  • Business type
  • policy coverage limitations
  • number of employees
  • number of years in operation
  • location, and claims history

After Read This Article You Are Able To Determine General Liability vs Professional Liability.